Celebrating Earth, Our Common Home

In September 2019 the Multifaith Network for Climate Justice hosted a meeting with presentations from several Bellingham faith communities. Celebrating

Bob Reisenberg - The Psychology of Climate Denial

Bob Reisenberg of Faith Lutheran Church presented The Psychology of Climate Denial at the February meeting.

Bellingham Climate Action Task Force

In 2018 the City Council established the Climate Action Task Force and directed the Task Force to determine the feasibility, costs and impacts of meeting 100% renewable energy ambitions by 2035. The Task Force delivered their report to City Council on Dec 9. The report is organized into four categories of measures (actions); transportation, land use, buildings, and energy. The types of measures include education, regulations, programs, incentives and studies.

The presentation to the Multi-Faith Network for Climate Justice at the January 2020 meeting was well attended. Two key participants in the city's Climate Task Force explained the group's process, the structure and content of the report, and the next steps for the Council. The measures were described and explained with a focus on those with significant emission reductions. A discussion of next steps and how to be involved in the public process was followed by a question and answer session.

Clare Fogelsong is Environmental Services Manager for the City of Bellingham and the city's liaison to the Climate Action Plan Task Force.
David Roberts, President, Kulshan Environmental Services, is the Facilitator for the work of the Climate Action Plan Task Force.

The Climate Action Task Force Final Recommendations can be viewed here.