The Multifaith Network for Climate Justice (MNCJ) began in April 2019 when pastors and leaders of over 20 Bellingham faith/wisdom communities received an invitation to create a network to share Creation Care & Climate Justice activities. The responses were swift and supportive. The first meeting was held within a month of the invitation and 25 representatives from these faith communities attended. We continue to meet monthly to focus on what we can do as a faith community to raise our voices on behalf of protecting the earth and all creation.

Our Vision

The Multifaith Network for Climate Justice envisions a just and compassionate world with a healthy Web of Life.

Our Mission

Rooted in our spiritual and moral responsibility to protect the Earth, our common home, we engage the faith and wisdom traditions to respond to the many environmental and social impacts of the climate crises.

Values and Beliefs that Guide Us

  • The Web of Life is sacred, interconnected, and imperiled by the climate crises.
  • The climate crises are being worsened by human activity.
  • The environmental and climate crises are having disproportionately adverse impacts on marginalized human and nonhuman communities.
  • Both spiritual wisdom and scientific knowledge are integral to informing our responses to the social and environmental impacts of climate crises.
  • We are stronger when we unify our diverse traditions, and collaborate with impacted communities and civic, social justice, and environmental groups to educate, organize and act.