We are a coalition of faith-based groups in the city of Bellingham and county of Whatcom, Washington, joining to share actions and strategies to combat and deal with the effects of climate change.

June 2021 General Meeting

June General

A Zoom invitation will be sent to those on our mailing list. (See the link at the top of the page to join the list.) To register for this meeting without joining the MNCJ email list use this link.

Dr. Kurt Russo has worked within indigenous communities for 42 years in arena of cross-cultural conflict resolution. In the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and the American Far West, he served as Senior Strategist for inter-tribal and multi-sector consortiums on campaigns to protect indigenous rights, resources, and sacred sites, and helped design and implement regional, national, and international workshops and symposia to promote cross-cultural understandings on the nature of Nature. He also designed and coordinated indigenous-based cultural and technical exchange programs to preserve biodiversity and protect indigenous lifeways in Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Papua New Guinea, and the Russian Far East. He was co-Founder and Director of the Florence R. Kluckhohn Center for the Study of Values, the Native American Land Conservancy, and the Foundation for Indigenous Medicine, was Senior Advisor to the intertribal Kumeyaay-Diegueno Land Conservancy in California, and is currently Executive Director of the Se’Si’Le Institute (means Grandmother in the Lummi Language). He has a BS in Forestry, a MS in Forestry, and a Ph.D. in History. He has a passion for the Age of Homer.


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